Football. Real Madrid — Wolfsburg. Live Streaming 12 April 2016 Champions League 2015-2016. 1: 4 final

April 12, 2016. 7.45 pm (BST). Spain. Madrid. Stadium «Santiago Bernabeu»
Champions League. 1/4 Finals. Return match

Real Madrid — Wolfsburg


The Broadcast starts at 7.45 pm (BST)

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Details of the upcoming match «Real» — «Wolfsburg» April 12, 2016, bookmakers forecast — learn from our review.

April 12, 2016 at the stadium «Santiago Bernabeu» football club in Madrid «Real» takes German «Wolfsburg» in the second leg of the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. The game will start at 21:45 MSK.

«Real» — «Wolfsburg» April 12, 2016: Watch, on what channel?

Live match of 1/4 of the Champions League, «Real Madrid» — «Wolfsburg» April 12, 2016 will not be shown on the federal channels in our country, but the broadcast will be available online on the web.

«Real» Madrid — «Wolfsburg» April 12, 2016: 1/4 before the match of the Champions League

In the first, the guest for themselves match 1/4 finals of the Champions League in Madrid «Real» has suffered defeat from the dry, «Wolfsburg» with a score of 0: 2.

«Wolfsburg» — «Real Madrid» 2: 0 goals VIDEO



«Real» Madrid — «Wolfsburg» April 12, 2016: forecast bookies

Despite the victory, «Wolfsburg» in the previous match, bookmakers analysts believe it is the «Real» a favorite of the upcoming match. Betting on the victory «cream» are taken on average by a factor of 1.21, a draw — 8.0, on the success of the guests — 14.5.

«Real» — «Wolfsburg» 12/04/2016: comments

«In a match with» Real «,» Wolfsburg «will play at 100 million% capacity within us will light a fire in the dressing room we are.» — He said on the eve of the match midfielder «Wolfsburg». Andre Schürrle.

«On Tuesday we will have a great evening. It will be magical. With the support of our fans, all players will play their best football from the start. We will avoid relegation from the Champions League. Next, Madrid How to beat» Wolfsburg «? Play good football throughout .. the team with a full stadium, where we will drive forward 80 thousand fans, I would like to feel the support of every fan — it would be a huge plus for us in the upcoming match, «- said the striker» Real «Cristiano Ronaldo.

«I really believe in the» Real «They’re stronger.» Wolfsburg «, despite the fact that they had a bad day at the time of the first game.» Real «in one hundred percent able to capable of beating anybody That I can say with certainty.» — Added former striker of Madrid «Real» Carlos Santilyana.


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